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Tarot Online Classes 

$135 upfront for entire course

 *Or $25 per class*

Tarot Facetime Readings


Reiki Online Classes (Certificated) 

$90 upfront for Reiki Level 1

*Or $35 per class until payed off* 

$150 upfront for Reiki Level 2

*Or $65 per class*

$250 upfront for Reiki Level 3

*Or $95 per class*

*There are 3 classes for each Level*

Reiki Healing Sessions 

$35 per session (Client travels to Us)

$60 per Session (We travel to the Client)

*Only for those located in the CT or Springfield MA Area* 


*If you have any questions you can leave a comment below or directly contact us through our contact page*

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