Intro - Crystals

What Crystals do for us

Crystals give us energy to help us reach our goals and make a positive change in our lives. You can use these healing stones for your benefit always! You can use them to manifest any intention your want to create in your life. They connect us to energies we want to embody, they connect with us once we wear them or have them near or on us. They amplify our positive energies and create more positive environment. 

Although we are presented with new challenges and beginnings on a daily basis, crystals are always there to remind us to be connect with our inner self, quiet the chatter and take on what the day has to offer us with patience and love. Crystals inspire us to be grateful for the abundance mother nature provides, such as these otherworldly rocks we call Crystals! 

There are many different ways to use Crystals, as long as you're genuinely embracing and working it's intended energies, you'll learn and create your own way of working with them along the way. Some ways that are often practiced are; carrying them with you always, whether its in your pocket, purse etc. as long as its constantly with you throughout the day, wearing them in jewelry, placing them in your home, office and car, meditating with crystals or doing yoga with them!   

Remember to always use them with an intention... THOUGHTS! Thoughts create intention, they create a vibration with the universe which attracts the thought until it's created in our lives.  If you have a negative or limiting thought pattern, you'll create an intention that's negative and limiting - manifesting negativity and unfortunate events rather than positive, happy and aspiring energies. Setting intentions written or visually is a powerful tool for achieving our intended goal. 

How to craft a simple intention

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