Sodalite infused Frankincense essential Oil Roll On
Sodalite infused Frankincense essential Oil Roll On

Sodalite infused Frankincense essential Oil Roll On

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Our Sodalite and Frankincense infused essential oils are in a glass bottle with a plastic cap and the rollerball itself is Sodalite crystal. 


  • Sodalite is a crystal that calms the mind and brings order to your surroundings. It's often used to calm panic attacks and bring emotional balance, it encourages those trying to channel truth, rational thoughts, and intuition. 
  • Frankincense essential oil is often used for skincare and because it can heal skin imperfections and conditions such as acne, wounds, and scars. Spiritually, this essential oil is used to promote a sense of peace, relaxation, and grounding energy which helps to transition to a meditative state and be in the right space to channel messages and energies. 


  • Roll on your temples; wrists or behind the ears 
  • Do not ingest. 

*Caution: Those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffer from a serious medical condition should avoid using essential oils without consulting a healthcare professional*

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