Love and Harmony Gift Bundle
Love and Harmony Gift Bundle

Love and Harmony Gift Bundle

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This Love and Harmony Bundle consist of a Spiral Selenite Wand, Rose Quartz crystal and necklace, Evil Eye key chain and a Palo Santo. It’s put together to allow you or the person you gift it to manifest love and harmony into their lives! It can either be self love and harmony with themselves, love between partners, friendship or someone special to you!

  • The selenite wand is a powerful aid in seeking mental clarity or in channeling energies and can be used to aid in seeking contact with spirits, angels, and other such entities. It can also be used to cleanse other crystals!
  • Rose Quartz encourages and attracts unconditional love and healing energies and it also promotes self-love. This Crystal is often used to protect relationships and friendships as well as help foster love two individuals. Both the crystal and the necklace will allow you to manifest harmony and love into your life wether it’s friendship related, romance or a situations where you’d like peace and harmony between family members! Perfect for the holidays!
  • The Evil Eye key chain will protect your intentions and what you’re trying to attract into your life from envy and negative energies! 
  • Palo Santo is native to South American countries, it translates to ‘Holy Wood’. It’s used to cleanse negative and purify energies. It’s also used to attract positive energies and create a sacred space. You can create a deeper connection to the divine when burning palo santo! It can be used to boost creativity and create a calm space for meditation or rituals! You can use this to cleanse the negative energies the Evil Eye key chain, the crystals and your Selenite wand might have absorbed while helping you manifest your wishes!