Rosemary Candle
Rosemary Candle

Rosemary Candle

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This candle has naturally dried rosemary leaves and is also scented rosemary. It has crystals to complement the properties of the herb and make the candle more potent energetically! 

What is rosemary used for? Spiritually, rosemary is often used for love and protection. It also has physical benefits, Rosemary oils and aromatherapy products can help alleviate headaches.

The red candle layer contains naturally dried Rosemary leaves and Gypsophila flowers! This layer represents all love related feelings you’re trying to attack into your life! That can be self love, romantic partners, and loving energies you’re trying to send to others!

The pink candle layer also has Rosemary leaves and is scented Rosemary. It has Rose Quartz chips and a large Clear Quartz crystal. This layer represents the Harmony energies you’re trying to attract and send others!

The Clear Quartz enhances the energies you’re trying to attract or send to others meanwhile the Rose Quartz encourages and attracts unconditional love as well as promotes self love.

  • Made out of natural Soy Wax
  • Completely Handmade, no toxins added. 
  • Should burn for 18 hours!