Green Aventurine Ring Set

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This Ring Set includes the following, 
    ♡ A Green Aventurine Index Ring
    ♡ A Clear Quartz Knuckle Midi Ring
    ♡ A Green Aventurine Pinky Ring


Clear Quartz: This crystal is associated with all chakras and is known as the “Master Healer” due to its ability to charge other crystals and amplify all energies and chakras. It absorbs, stores, regulates and releases energies of all kinds. It's used in meditation since it cleanses our organs and our souls as well aiding in concentrations  

Green Aventurine: A comforting crystal. It helps to heal the heart and often used to activate, clear, and comfort the Heart Chakra. It promotes emotional calmness and general emotional well-being. This Crystal is also protective, it provides protection from those who might leach on to your energy and drain your emotional well-being.
They're uniquely handcrafted with tarnish-resistant wire and genuine stone! Although tarnish-resistant wire is used, this does not mean that it won’t tarnish over time. To keep the rings from tarnishing quickly, avoid contact with water.

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