Saturns Herbal Blend

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Saturns Blend

This herbal blend can be smoked and drank as tea! It’s completely natural. This blend is made by our Tarot Reader and Herbalist, Hector. He’s used this for many years and has recommended it to many of his patients. This is packaged in a 4 ounce air sealed glass jar and is ready to be smoked or consumed. 

  • This blend is nicotine, tabaco and marijuana free.
  • This is free of synthetic toxins therefore they’re a great alternative to smoking cigarettes and blunts.
  • Do not smoke if pregnant or underage.

Main Ingredients: Lavender and Coltsfoot 


*If this blend is recreated the results, benefits and experience will be altered due to other ingredients not listed* 


Benefits of Smoking and Consuming as Tea, 

  • Can help relieve cough, bronchitis and asthma due to a high amount of the substance mucilage which is  known to be effective in soothing the respiratory tract and throat.
  • Effective in anti-inflammatory conditions
  • Helps treat insomnia 
  • Some of the herbs included are known to be anti-depressants
  • Can be calming and relaxing 

Spiritual Benefits,

  • Psychic Abilities 
  • Relief negative energies 
  • Great use for mediation
  • Physical, Mental and Spiritual relaxation and balance