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Organic herbs in this bundle  

    • Damiana Leaf: is used in different methods as a mood and energy booster, its properties can influence our energy when attracting or enhancing Love and Romance.
    • Sage leaf: Sage is used in the magical world to foster wisdom, healing, protection and energy cleansing. It can be burned as incense, to help you with clarity, rationality, and excellent solvency to solve problems and conflicting circumstances. It provides discernment and mental clarity, so it is widely in manifestation. 
    • Dried Calendula Flowers: It’s used to protect you from evil spirits carry it with you everywhere you go to banishing bad energies. You can also carry Calendula Flowers if you want to maintain a happy and prosperous romantic relationship. You can also place it under your pillow if you want to have meaningful dreams and interpret their meanings correctly. It can also be carried as a lucky charm. 
    • Lavender Flowers: It’s a powerful flower, it reduces anxiety and stress. Its smell and nutrients have been used to treat insomnia. Some of its components have been used for beauty products and carrying lavender promotes peace.


  • Can be used as aromatherapy
  • Can be kept with you at all times since they’re small 
  • Used for manifestation purposes 

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