Sage + Palo Santo
Sage + Palo Santo
Sage + Palo Santo

Sage + Palo Santo

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Sage Smudging Stick when burned helps with repelling mosquitoes. It also energetically cleanses and purifies spaces and objects. It can be used to cleanse crystals, yourself and your home. 

Palo Santo 
is native to South American countries, it translates to ‘Holy Wood’. It’s used to cleanse negative and purify energies. It’s also used to attract positive energies and create a sacred space. You can create a deeper connection to the divine when burning palo santo. It can also be used to boost creativity and create a calm space for meditation or rituals! 

Clear Quartz

This crystal is associated with all chakras and is known as the “Master Healer” due to its ability to charge other crystals and amplify all energies and chakras. It absorbs, stores, regulates, and releases energies of all kinds. It's used in meditation since it cleanses our organs and our souls as well aiding in concentration.

Please be aware:

Crystals are products of nature, they're natural mineral rocks of which some are tumbled and may have slight imperfections. They're handpicked for each order making each one unique and a different size, the color patterns may vary.