Selenite & Palo Santo Bundle

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This bundle consists of a Palo Santo stick wire wrapped with a Raw Selenite Crystal Wand and a goldstone bead! It can be unwrapped, the Palo Santo can be burned and the crystals can be kept and added to your collection or it can be kept wire wrapped! 

Palo Santo is native to South American countries, it translates to ‘Holy Wood’. It’s used to cleanse negative and purify energies. It’s also used to attract positive energies and create a sacred space. You can create a deeper connection to the divine when burning palo santo! It can be used to boost creativity and create a calm space for meditation or rituals! 

Selenite works with our Third Eye Chakra, it’s a healing crystal that allows you to do spiritual work and mediation peacefully. It cleanses your energy field and helps remove blockages. It also cleanses all other crystals! 


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