Selenite Rose Quartz Wand

Selenite Rose Quartz Wand

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This wire wrapped Selenite Wand is wrapped in copper wire and has the ability to cleanse energies and remove negativity and blockages. It can also be used to attract and send loving and positive healing energies to others since it has Rose Quartz and Rose Quartz crystal beads!

Chakra Association

  • Rose Quartz works with our Heart Chakra 
    • Rose Quartz encourages and attracts unconditional love and healing energies and it also promotes self-love. This Crystal is often used to protect relationships and friendships as well as help foster love between partners. 
  • Selenite works with our Third Eye Chakra
    • A healing crystal that allows you to do spiritual work and mediation peacefully. It cleanses your energy field and helps remove blockages. It also cleanses all other crystals!

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