The Ankh (Key of Life)

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The Ankh, revered as the "key of life" by the ancient Egyptians and even today as one of the most powerful and sacred symbols of all, has a rich history. An entire pantheon of gods and goddesses hold the Ankh as their totem, and millions of people nowadays wear this elegant and simple kind of cross as their special talisman. 

Learn the answers to these question and more:

  • What is the meaning hidden in the design of the Ankh?
  • How can I use this Ankh as a productive amulet?
  • Who wears the Ankh and why?

"The Ankh is one of the most recognized spiritual symbols in the world. Its antiquity cannot be measured."

Included in this box:

  • an authentic Ankh pendant on a silken cord 
  • a comprehensive 96-page guidebook

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