The Oracle of Dr. John Dee

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Dr. John Dee was the most famous of Elizabethan Visionaries. As a magician and alchemist, astrologer nd mathematician, physicist and philosopher, he straddled the words of science and magic with his initiable thirst for knowledge. 

This remarkable oracle offers insight and wisdom drawn from Dee's quest for understanding, to guide you on your life journey today. The twenty-eight oracle cards, divided into four sets of seven, depict Dee in seven archetypal roles, along with other key luminaries from each realm (Johannes Kepler, Francis Drake and Hippocrates, among others). Each card brings a unique perspective to the issue at hand, and offers further guidance from angelic sources- a central theme in Dee's ongoing revelatory quest. 

Use the cards in conjunction with the talisman template provided- based on Dee's own Golden Talisman- and you will gain illumination from one of the greatest thinkers of the past.

Pack Contains

  • 112 Page Illustrated Guidebook

  • 28 Oracle Cards Plus Talisman Template


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