About us

Welcome, to Nanii's Closet, an online store selling a variety of products that help your growth in your spiritual journey! We are passionate about what we do for many reasons. We take pride and joy in the creation of our products, we create and send them with the intention of healing energies! But to really understand our purpose, you'll have to know our story so here it goes…

Nanii's Closet is founded by Alzahir, the father of Alanis Flores, also known as Nanii and a wonderful son, Yasiel. He worked for the US Air force back in 2014 with the purpose of transferring his benefits to his kids. However, he was medically discharged from the service due to diplopia, an eye condition which led him to losing his employment. The sole provider of a family, and an eye surgery. The most painful part of it all was Nanii turning 15 that upcoming summer and the family was financially struggling unable to indulge her with the traditional Hispanic celebration, a quinceañero. As a father, Alzahir brainstormed for creative ways have multiple sources of income to keep his family happy at any cost. He had the bright idea to start an online clothing store and gift it to Nanii for her birthday…

After nearly 3 years of Nanii's Closet being closed, Nanii decided to re-launch the store with a different niche, purpose, and intention. Whilst starting her spiritual journey years prior to the reopening, she had observed the need for guidance and healing, mainly in the youth… Alzahir had also began his spiritual journey much earlier than Nanii, helping her and guiding her through hers. He's not only a Reiki Master and Tarot Reader but also a Herbalist! He saw the need for handcrafted natural holistic healing teas and herbal baths.

Meet Alanis J. Flores Rosado,

   Hello there! Nice to finally meet you. I'm Nanii, I hope our sacred and spiritual products are able aid and guide you in your spiritual path and journey. All handmade products are made with love and intention, by me! We take pride in our spirit led business since ego is never involved. I'd like to let all of our costumers know that we embrace all beliefs and are free of judgement, we're simply here to introduce products and ideas that can help you with your spiritual growth.


If you’re shopping with Nanii’s Closet, we would like to give our thanks for getting to know us and we hope you like our products!